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Apple has recently made some exciting changes to its Mac OS. Among them is the inclusion of
Photos for Mac. One look at the new program and you know it’s pretty much the best thing to happen photographers mourning the loss of Aperture.

Photographers looking for an easy-to-use interface that performs really well, are in for a treat. The new Photos app not only packs in a number of exciting features but also comes preinstalled on your new Mac computer.

Plugins for Photos:

Apart from the built-in features, Photos has many plug-ins or extensions that you can buy online from sites like to take the app to a whole new level of editing.

If you’d like to supercharge Apple’s Photos, here are some of the best extensions you can use:


This easy-to-use app can be used to eliminate any unwanted objects from your photos for a clutter-free look. No matter what the format of your image is or the size of object, this plug-in has 3 erasing modes for optimum results in every scenario.


Tonality is a great plug-in if you want to achieve that authentic black and white feel in your photos and are not satisfied with simply changing the color scheme. The plug-in includes over 100 presets and professional tools like Clarity and Structure controls, Smart Contrast and Shadow Recovery to get your creative juices flowing.


This is one extension that can be used both ways, either as a plugin or a separate Mac software. Editing on Luminar is super fun, super easy and super-fast. Not only can you eradicate flaws in your photos with its Lens Correction and Transform tools, but also enrich them using the many filters and presets to match your mood.


What do you do when you have an otherwise fantastic-looking image which has noise thanks to bad lighting? Use Noiseless of course! This is a great plug-in for all your noise reduction needs. You can even zoom into the photo to up to 200% to remove the smallest semblance of those pesky little pixels.

Aurora HDR:

Here’s an all-around great plug-in for all kinds of High Dynamic Range or HDR editing. Its range of tools includes Tone-Mapping, HDR enhancer and Tone Correction so that you can easily tweak images to achieve the tone, quality and style you like best. With Aurora HDR, you can convert your photos into stunning HDRs in a matter of minutes.


If you think fancy effects like tilt-shift, bokeh and motion blur can only be attained using an expensive DSLR camera and an even more expensive lens, think again. With Focus, all this is possible with a great range of pre-configured aperture settings, selective masking and many other tools to add an artistic touch to your portraits, landscapes and street photos.

FX Photo Studio:

Looking to unleash your inner creative artist on your photos but not sure how or where to start? FX Studio has several photo filters and photography effects to enhance your photos to make them even more stunning. Your many options include turning a simple photo into a technological 3D image, vintage photo, lomography-style snap, pencil sketch or even a graffiti painting.

If you’re a Mac user and a photographer, you simply have to explore all the plugins you can use to enhance the functionality of your Photos app. While there are a lot of extensions you can get, these are some of the best ones to get your started.