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Since the beginning of digital photography, Photoshop by Adobe has been the apex of all kinds of image editing. No matter what anyone says, one cannot deny that it is a power-packed software but despite all that, it has one major drawback. Photoshop isn’t very user friendly and that boggles most of the newbies out there. Added to that, Photoshop can cause a slight dent to your budget since its pricier that other software. Then why not choose a program that is economical and easy-to-use at the same time?

While there are many such alternatives, On1 has been a very strong contender for many years. It has an easy enough interface and does a good job with the controls it provides. However, it isn’t the most feature-rich alternative to Photoshop, so we will also be talking about the new Luminar as an alternative to both Photoshop and On1.

An Overview of On1

On1 started out as a plugin for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop but it has now been developed into a new standalone software and given a fresh look. While it never was a Photoshop alternative when it launched but rather an enhancer, it can now be used as one.

Upon first glance, On1 looks a lot like Adobe Lightroom. Locating and using the various tools is not difficult. After the startup screen, a window pops up with numerous video tutorials to aid new users. It’s better for newbies to watch them and get a better grip of things. The tutorials are brief and precise which makes them worth having a look at. However, some advanced photographer don’t find On1 as a complete package for all their needs.

The Best On1 Alternative

Luminar offers the complete photo editing package required for new and experienced photographers alike. It is an extremely competent editor that can easily replace Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. In several ways, this program is the ultimate two-click photo editor for swift adjustments and provides finishing touches for any photo. It is the ultimate desktop application that is an amazing alternative for users searching for a program that is both powerful and affordable.

on 1 alternative

Luminar offers editing tools, non-destructive layers masks, a large inventory of filters and presets, and works with almost any file format including RAW images. Macphun has developed the software greatly over the years and have been able to reach the pinnacle of the editors’ realm. The non-destructive layer mask works particularly well with photos and there’s no fuss in the back of your head that your photo might get damaged.

Developers at Macphun claim that the noise reduction and additional adjustment tools featured within Luminar have been made with the same advanced technology as other standalone applications. However, Luminar does not offer similar flexibility and precision management that you may find in other applications for precise uses that they accomplish. Macphun has also made it simple and amazingly easy to export images to other software.

So all in all, Luminar is one of those photo editors that are both easy to use and highly advanced when you want them to be. It has swiftly made its own name in the world of photo editing, and has already replaced Photoshop for many users around the world.